Are solar panels in Iowa worth it?

Are solar panels in Iowa worth it?

Solar panels have been attributed to clean natural source of energy. Rarely will you travel a mile without spotting the panel on top of roofs on roadside signs even a NASA spacecraft can be powered using the same energy derived from the sun. In Iowa, 20% of the energy used can be pinpointed back to the solar panel. The sun rays contain powerful particles of light that can be harnessed to power up homes, institutions, cooperatives and companies for a low cost compared to bio fuel.

What do solar panels guarantee you? The energy derived from the panels is usually cheaper than the normal electricity generated by coal power. The utility rates have increased by 6% therefore; there is a need to shift to the sun’s power so that you can take advantage of the current depreciation plus the iowa solar tax credit. In Iowa, a factory known as sky factory located in Fairfield installed a 3500 sq ft solar panel that generates 54KW of electricity this accounts for 104% of its power.

In Iowa, the cost per watt of electricity generated by solar is $3.50 or $3 this cost was attributed to numerous installations of solar panels. Several years back the cost was at an all-time high, where a unit went for $7 to $10. Similar market forces have been felt in other parts too. States such as Minnesota, California have embraced the same use of solar and in return the cost is at an all-time low, and the incentives are at their peak.

Some organization, have been pushing for a $1 million grant from the energy department so as to ensure that the energy produce by solar power can easily be channeled into the national power grid and for an improvement in local permitting. Many of the law makers attending a tour on solar showed great interest in this endeavor and pledged to help. This shows that the support gained from them might improve Iowa’s solar energy supply proving it a worthy cause.

Solar panels in Iowa may prove to be worth as more institutions and home owners are shifting to the use of solar generated energy to reduce on cost and also to reduce on emission that could harm the environment. Solar could be reliable, and coal power can be eliminated to provide clean energy.

Iowa has the best-established electricity system generated by wind and bio fuels. But the state is more inclined on generating electricity from solar power. NFL player star, Tim Dwight from Iowa has been a leading advocate for the use of the suns’ energy in generating electricity in his home state. Advancing that the solar market is exploding in Iowa. Co-operations have also embraced the use of solar energy as a means of electricity generation. The farmers’ co-op has planned to put up a 750-kilowatt farm that could meet its 15% demand for reliable power. The Marshalltown public library has also gone green having a huge array of 15.75 KW. The best policies in the country may be that of net metering that has seen consumers using 500KW of electricity enjoy the service. The state, In order to curb the power purchase agreement, has proposed a feed-in tariff through the senate bill SF 225.